Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Yucatan Mexico

1 – Culture & History

Well-kept-up colonial cities, Mayan Pyramids, beautiful architecture, traditional music, live jazz concerts, art shows, local handicrafts, artisan shops, museums and galleries are just a glimpse of the culture you will enjoy in Yucatan.

2 – Ocean Proximity & Nature

Merida is only 30 minutes away from the resort town of Progreso, and the long stretch of beachfront along the north of the peninsula, known as the Emerald Coast, offers many beaches to visit, in addition to ecological wonders, natural pools, caves and curious pathways.

3 – Temperate Weather

Sunshine and warmth. Great for snowbirds and those wishing to escape harsh winters.  The excess sunshine perfect for solar energy.

4 – Low Cost of Living!

Much of everything cost less in Mexico. From dining out to fresh produce and electricity services, you’ll find big savings here for every day living.

5 – Modern Services

Merida is a modern city of a million people; there are new malls, large-screen movie theaters, international stores, new golf courses, excellent hospitals, wide express ways, internet service and much more.

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