Trees, Flowers, Fresh Air & Sunshine

With a multitude of green open spaces, Lagos Del K’iin caters to those seeking a healthy outdoor lifestyle in the sun.  We have planned perimiter paths for biking and walking, gardens for sitting and visiting, fields with trees for picnics and gatherings, open grassy fields to play sports, or just toss a ball around. All this with exceptional thought put into the landscaping, flower gardens and treed areas.

Enjoy state of the art tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds and soccer/football fields for all your competitive sports, family fun or even beer league games!  Soothing water fountains, ponds and peaceful flower gardens offer tranquil, magical places for those special moments that will become happy memories.

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A Healthy Lifestyle

Over 30% of the total development is green space.  Parks and gardens spectacularily landscaped with flowers, shrubs and lots of trees.

You will get lots of fresh air with the beautiful indigenous trees and shrubs as well as specially planted ornamentals, fruit trees and whatever you desire to plant on your own property.

Boardwalks and biking paths for all your meandering requirments.  Beautifully landscaped walkways and well maintained bike paths are planned for our green parks and perimeter of the development.

Full featured kids parks along with sports fields, tennis and basketball courts as well as a full recreation center will be in the central community park area.