Now is the time to invest… Considering “Fractional Ownership”?

Now is the time to invest… Considering “Fractional Ownership”?

Now is the time to invest in your tropical dream property with Lagos Del K’iin! 

One method of ownership and dreams coming true is through “Fractional Ownership”…

The life you want – all the benefits of whole ownership without the added responsibilities!

The Lagos Del K’iin Fractional Ownership Program offers 100% of the Lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of whole home ownership and can offer significant low risk, high return property investment opportunities and rental returns.

The Lagos Del K’iin fractional Program offers a number of unconnected owners the opportunity to share the ownership (and the management costs) of a high specification superbly decorated, equipped and maintained villa or condominium for their appropriate allocation on a rolling calendar basis. This ensures each owner over time has fair access to the peaks and troughs of the vacation season.

The Fractional Program enables owners to match the purchase costs with the anticipated usage and also to benefit from having the opportunity to rent out the property in weeks not required. Taking advantage of the Lagos Del K’iin Rental Management Option could generate significant rental income to balance some ownership costs.

The Fractional Program offers all of this with an easy, full turnkey management operation whilst the owners can also enjoy capital growth. Additionally members of the Fractional Program can enjoy the unprecedented sporting and leisure facilities offered by Lagos Del K’iin to the maximum as full members, during their period of occupancy.

Benefits of the Fractional Program:

  • A deeded interest in your luxury home with rights and benefits consistent with any other real estate purchase
  • A flexible range of options for a quarter share in a family villa
  • Only use and pay for the time you want!
  • Generously proportioned accommodation
  • A significantly higher level of luxury furnishings, services and amenities
  • The security of knowing you can return year after year to your own Lagos Del K’iin home
  • A great chance of significant capital appreciation
  • Rental income potential
  • Affordable and transparent annual fees
  • Finance may be available
  • And lastly, true pride of ownership.


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